How you put a concept into words that is best explained with a really big smile?

It is simply real happiness that the Star Pine Lodge wants to spread, not more and not less. And we know that everybody’s happiness comes from very different impulses. So we tried to find as many positive impulses as possible and joined them together. What came out is the Star Pine Lodge. A place where you can happily be yourself.


Our team consists of people from all over the world. Some came for the sun, some for the fun, most came because of the different activities we have here. Some of who have come to spend a couple of months and ended up staying years because there was just no good reason to leave! The fun we have living and working in this gorgeous part of the world reflects in our friendly, welcoming and caring atmosphere.


Nowadays it’s getting really hard to say “we are eco friendly” as there are a million things we all should do to be really eco friendly. For us eco-friendly or sustainable is not a trend. We see it as a very important part of our lives and we hope you can join us on that journey during you stay. We are trying our best to make it happen but we know there is always room for trying harder.

Here are just some facts:

»Our building material is all locally sourced. No long distance transport.
»If we could not recycle furniture or wood we bought furniture from certified wood.
»All our garbage will be separated and we try to make as little impact as possible.
»As much as possible we will buy our ingredients locally, supporting local farmers and avoiding long distance transport. Like this you will find only the freshest and most tasty products on your plate.
»If we can afford it we replace any energy consuming device with one that has a better efficiency. But we do not create more waste by replacing old for new just to look better.